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Colonial Kids

Children take a journey through history to learn about activities, music and games that were popular in the 18th century. This includes everything from colonial techniques of basket weaving and the importance of planting to making their own pen and quill and creating their own George Washington wig, jewelry and dolls.


Silhouettes by Hand
A popular element between 1790-1820. Lauren Muney, an interactive demonstrating historical artist entertains guests with a personal, freehand-cut personal portrait that is then glued onto cardstock for framing later.

Jeff Dunkelberger from Black Forest Artworks will give blacksmithing demonstrations in costume and inform the public about the importance of blacksmithing in the development of our country. Children will be able to create their own aluminum object with an anvil.

Irish Linen Maker
Observe the linen-weaving process from beginning to end as linen maker Tim Nealeigh from Ohio uses authentic 18th and 19th century tools to change dull-looking fibers to glorious world-famous Irish linens. Visitors to the Irish Linen Worker will learn what to do with a hackle, a scrutching knife, a rippling comb, a reel, and the warp and weft.

Pixilated Photo Booth
A mix of modern and colonial fun! Dress up in props and snap a picture to capture the moments at Monumental Bicentennial.

Coming from Pennsylvania, Robert Mouland performs the wireharp from a small wagon throughout the day. He describes and demonstrates 18th century popular music and songs using antique and period instruments like baroque violin, baroque flute, flageolet and a hurdy-gurdy.

Strolling Entertainment

Cracked WalnutsJan and Jeff Ausfahl, coming from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania are a nutty washboard and banjo duo specializing in old time music.
George Washington Re-enactorBill Choby (PA) will be strolling through the crowds and actively engaging with audiences as George Washington
Rat Catcher Re-enactorSilas Moore, George Washington’s official rat catcher is portrayed by Springfield, Ohio resident Bill Smith
Chanteyman Ship’s CompanyA living history organization from the Baltimore area dedicated to the preservation of the American maritime heritage.


Hoop Rolling
A favorite outdoor activity for children in the 1800’s, hoops were made from wood and propelled by stroking a stick along the top. Contests will be held to see who can roll their hoop for the longest amount of time and the farthest.
Hop scotch: One of the oldest children’s games and still played today, children will be able to hop through hopscotch squares.

Ring Toss
The traditional game of ring toss was very popular during colonial times
Tabletop Ninepins: Similar to bowling, the objective of this game is to knock down a group of nine wooden pins.


Ray Owen Music
11:30am, 4pm
From Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, National Recording Artist Ray Owen will be presenting “Hats Off to America” and “Let Freedom Ring,” two engaging Colonial Era performances of songs, stories and humor from one of our great and memorable periods of history.

Martin Family Band

A six-piece traditional Old Time, Colonial and Irish Music group from Maryland. Instruments include hammered dulcimer, guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass and fiddle.

Magician (TBD)